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Our Chiropractor-approved Adjustable Memory Foam Pillows are Designed to Fit your Body and Treat your Pain

Made in the USA - Now available to the general public!

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Chiropractor Approved Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

Choose from Two Adjustably Yours™
Ergonomic Pillows

Adjustably Yours™ 4

Adjustably Yours Ergonomic Pillow
Product #CC180 - Made in the USA
$ 129.99 
The Adjustably Yours™ 4 is our best seller. It's an adjustable ergonomic pillow made from high-quality, latex-free light-density gel memory foam. It comes with two gel-foam inserts that allow for up to FOUR different levels of customization.
There's a reason that people love the Adjustably Yours™ 4. We fit all of our finest ergonomic features into one amazing economic pillow. Its high-quality build is equipped to help you address your neck, shoulder, and back pain. Like all of our adjustable memory foam pillows, it comes with two removable foam inserts. Use these inserts to customize the fit of your pillow to suit your exact needs.

Adjustably Yours™ 7

Adjustably Yours Ergonomic Pillow
Product #CC175 - Made in the USA
$ 149.99 
New gel memory foam material, same incredible comfort. The Adjustably Yours™ 7 is made from high-quality, latex-free medium-density gel memory foam. It comes with two gel memory foam inserts and two firm foam inserts. The firm inserts will add more structure to the pillow's ergonomic design, and can even be layered under the pillow for increased height. In total, this pillow has SEVEN adjustment options.
Like its predecessor, the Adjustably Yours™ 7 fits all of our finest ergonomic features into one amazing pillow. Where it differs from the Adjustably Yours 4™ is its additional customization options. Built from high-quality, medium-density gel memory foam, the Adjustably Yours™ 7 comes with four different foam inserts: two of medium-density foam, and two of firm foam. Use these inserts to customize your pillow and suit your exact needs.

How does our design address your pain?

Our adjustable sleep solutions were made specifically to help alleviate pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. The design of each of our products is Chiropractor Approved, and the products themselves are found in chiropractic clinics and physical therapist's offices across the United States.

So, why do people find so much success with our pillows?

Where a poorly fitted pillow can aggravate neck and shoulder problems, our ergonomically optimized pillows can correct them. By using (or not using) the included foam inserts, you can adjust the height and firmness of the pillow to fit your body and preference. When they're properly adjusted, our pillows are designed to keep your spine in a neutral alignment, minimizing tension in your neck, shoulders, and back. The shape of our pillows mimic the natural contours of your cervical spine. The support it offers improves your spinal hygiene and let's you sleep in a relaxed position. The memory foam itself is temperature sensitive. Heat from your body will cause the pillow to form itself to the shape of your head and neck. This gives each and every pillow a nice custom fit.

Ergonomic problems aren't fun. They also take a long time to fix. Why not start working on them while you sleep?

  • Pillows Adjust Easily to Heights of 3 to 8"
  • The Head and Neck are Supported and the Spine is Set in a Neutral Alignment
  • One Pillow Should Suit All Body Types
  • Designed to Help Alleviate and Prevent Pain, Stress, Tension, and Stiffness of the Neck and Shoulders
  • A Neutral Spinal Alignment May Help Reduce Light Snoring and Promote More Open Airways
  • The Open Cell Foam Structure Prevents Air Stagnation - Channels in the Pillow Encourage Air Flow for a Cooler Sleep

Are Pillows that Important?

In a Proper Sleep Ergonomics article by the American Chiropractic Association, it is stated “Pillows Matter.  An ergonomic pillow is designed to accommodate the user’s sleeping position and to minimize any associated tension that may result from prolonged time spent in one position. Ergonomic pillows are shaped differently from regular pillows. A healthful pillow is designed to keep the spine in natural alignment, which minimizes stress on the body. Most people do not maintain neutral positions while they sleep. This creates tension at problem spots like the neck and the lower back, resulting in pain in either or both of these areas. An ergonomic pillow can often correct such problems before they can develop into more serious complications.

A pillow of the wrong size can cause or aggravate neck and shoulder problems. When you sleep on your side, the pillow should fill the space between the head and mattress so that the cervical spine is in line with, and an extension of, the spine. The pillow should support the head, neck and shoulders and adapt to the contours of these areas. This will optimize your sleeping position throughout the night." ¹

¹Published May/June 2011

In the U.S., between 50 and 70 million adults suffer from a sleep disorder like insomnia. Of these, 30%  have short-term issues, while 10% have chronic problems.

There are 25 million U.S. adults with obstructive sleep apnea.

In the U.S., 48% of adults report snoring.

Drowsy driving is responsible for 1,550 fatalities and 40,000 nonfatal injuries annually in the United States.


Read what our happy customers have to say

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"I was in a car accident years ago and it messed up my neck. Every morning I woke with a neck ache and/or a headache. Over the years I have purchased every "magical" pillow out there, from My Pillow, bamboo pillows, water pillows, etc. I thought I was stuck suffering with my neck problems until a great friend of mine recommended the Adjustably Yours pillow. It truly is "magical". I wake up feeling refreshed, no neck pain or headaches. Do not be daunted by the price, I have paid much more without the great results. It truly is a life changer! I would recommend this pillow to anyone."

Diana N., North Dakota
Creative Comfort Testimonial Logo

"This adjustable pillow has been a game changer.  I no longer wake up with neck and back pain because the memory foam helps with perfect alignment, in addition to a restful night’s sleep. I’ve tried other pillows, but the Adjustably Yours pillow is a unique, one of a kind, pillow. I’m so glad these are available and now my three children, husband, and extended family have them too. With the adjustable variance, it works for all of us. Amazing what a healthy night’s rest has done for our wellness!  Be good to yourself and your family and get your pillows today."

S.K. Jenniges, M.S.
Colony Chiropractic Logo

"I have been using these pillows for over 20 years - personally and sold to thousands of my patients. Every few years I try other popular pillows just to see if there's anything better, but I have NEVER found one that I like better. Great support for the neck, but soft enough foam to be comfortable and not cause headaches or ear pain: 100% recommend!"

Dr. Kelly Smith
Jackson County Physical Therapy Logo

"We tried every pillow in the market, and finally found the Adjustably Yours™ 4 pillow and love it. We specialize in neck and TMJ problems, and this pillow can really make a big difference for our patients. The memory foam, adjustable features, and proper curves provide excellent and comfortable support for proper alignment. My family and I also use them."

Justin Carson PT

"I love your adjustable pillow. My wife stole it from me and whoever goes to bed first, gets it. I need another one!."

Bill G.
York, PA
Two Rivers Chiropractic Logo

"I'm a chiropractor from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and I own Two Rivers Chiropractic. Since opening, I've had the pleasure of working with Judy at Creative Comfort. I've been offering my patients the adjustable pillow to help support the work I'm doing with their spinal system. The adjustable pillow is key, because it allows me to find a perfect fit based on my patient. I work a lot with supporting a healthy lordotic curvature in the neck. Many of my patients have been searching for a quality pillow that helped support the curve of their neck, as well as helping them stay asleep throughout the night. This pillow definitely fits the bill, My patients have all been more than impressed with the pillow addition to their lives."

Dr. Jackson Detrick.
Eau Claire, WI
Monta Vista Family Chiropractic Logo

"The Adjustably Yours™ pillow is by far the best pillow I have used in my 30 years of chiropractic practice. It can be custom fitted to almost every body type for side and back sleeping. Among its many benefits are restoration of the natural cervical curve, relief of neck and upper back pain, headache relief and sound sleep. I recommend it to nearly all of my patients, and they love it!."

Lisa Stein, DC
Cupertino, CA